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As a nail professional you can count on ProNails for advice and help. Not only on the technical part, but #wehaveyourback when it comes to marketing too.

You are probably managing your own Social Media. Sometimes it isn’t always that easy. That’s why we gladly give you more social power to boost your #BoomingBusiness.

Facebook and Instagram are great tools to promote your salon, introduce a new service, attract new customers and so much more. On the same hand, Social Media can also be pretty complicated and time consuming. If you are managing your own Social Media, you probably have some of the following questions:

  • How do I make posts that stand out in the crowd?
  • How do I have my profile my personal touch?
  • How do I stay creative all the time?
  • How can I make Instagram work for me?

Read our tips that will help you organise your Instagram and boost your business.

TIP 1 | #instanails #nails2inspire #nailsoftheday 

Your clients want to see what you can do as a nail stylist, so each new manicure is an opportunity to showcase your talent. Don’t forget to take a few pretty photos before your client leaves. You can always choose afterwards which set of nails proved to be the most photogenic and post it afterwards.

TIP 2 | #NaturalLight

Use natural light for your photos, such as by a window or even better: outside. This brings out the colour of the nails and hands the best and most natural.

TIP 3 | #NoFilter

Using too much filters is a no-go. Have your photo look as natural as possible, play with contrast or lighting but leave everything else as natural as possible. This way clients get to see the real effect of a certain colour as to not raise any false expectations.

Original colour

After applying a filter

Original collection image

After applying a filter

TIP 4 | #Instagrammable

Use “instagrammable” elements and backgrounds for your photos. Have your hands and nails really come to life! Use vibrant, contrasting backgrounds such as a nice blouse or your client’s handbag. Or use a ProNails magazine or a natural material such as wood or marble. Have your client hold something for a more natural position: a fun plant, a ProNails product, a fun gadget or a coffee cup. Be creative! Find inspiration in things you like too. Add a personal touch to each image!

TIP 5 | #Instastories

Stories have become incredibly successful. It’s sometimes the first and only thing people check out on social. Stories allow you to show more of your salon and business. They’re perfect for highlighting events, but they’re just as fun for a glimpse behind the scenes, to show “life as it is”. Try to tell real “stories”, by showing for example a service beginning to end!

Don’t forget to save a great story to your profile and organise them in themes. Otherwise all your great work is gone after 24h!


TIP 6 | #LinkinBIO

Make sure your profile (or “BIO”) always has all necessary and the most recent information a client needs to reach you. Always show a link to your website, add the services you offer, how they can book an appointment, etc.

TIP 7 | #Latergram

Plan your posts in advance! Instagram gives advantages to pages that show the most activity by putting them higher up in the feed. But finding time to create a great post every day might be hard. It’s a good idea to make a planning in advance, so you can find images and create a text beforehand. This way you don’t have to be creative every day.

There are many tools that can help you in organising your Facebook and Instagram. This also gives you time and freedom to be creative on the spot when something amazing happens during the day. But you won’t have to stress about posting on social on a regular basis.

TIP 8 | #GetPersonal

Build a personal relationship with your clients and be social online. It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason after all. You cannot expect your clients to engage with your posts if you never react to their posts and stories. React to every message and thank your followers when they share your work or when they tag you. Try to tag your clients too if you post photos of them or their hands!

It’s also a great idea to repost images from your clients when they mention you in their posts. This is the best advertising you can get from your clients. 

And last but not least.... we have 2 more tips to help you become the queen of Instagram!


TIP 9 | #KeepItReal

Everyone can comment to posts, positive or negative. If you get a negative reaction, don’t remove it, but contact the client in a private message to try to satisfy her. If you’ve come to a solution, you could react to the comment with the solution you offered. This shows you care for all your clients.

TIP 10 | #JustAsking

Don’t be afraid to ask us for advice. Do you have questions? Or are you still doubting something? Let us know.

Do you have questions about this tech talk? Let us know!

With these tips in mind, we are sure Instagram will give your business a boost.

At ProNails, we make you shine and we help you grow.